Would You Work for You?

Posted on April 29, 2019 by mmaloney

We have all heard the line; “people join an organization, but they quit a boss”.  There is so much talk about leaders, and what makes a good one.  One of the reasons leadership is such a hot topic is because in today’s work world people are not “lifers” anymore.  There is a “war on talent”.  Keeping people with an organization is one of the biggest challenges a company faces.  Especially keeping great people. 

Knowing this, companies and leaders alike, are trying to understand, now more than ever, what makes a great leader?  Why do some leaders succeed in growing great talent and others churn through people like it’s their job? 

Leaders are asking themselves “how can I be better”?  And companies are asking “how can I help people be better”? 

The thing is leadership is not for everyone.  If you are someone who needs the recognition to fall on you, you should likely stay on the front lines.  If you are someone who doesn’t thrive by putting others first, then stay in a role that is about you and not others. 

However, if you define yourself by what you give to others; if you feel amazing watching others grow; if you want to give back more than you get back; then leadership may be in your future. 

The title of this article is what it is because sometimes the most challenging of concepts can be crafted around a simple concept or question.  Leadership has many tentacles.  Most leaders likely wish they had octopus-arms on any given day.   If it were a simple fix, we would all be great leaders.  Employee engagement would not be something any organization would struggle with.  It is a simple question; “Would you work for you”?  However, the answer and how you get there is not easy. 

You need to be prepared to fail regularly, to evolve, to change and most of all be humble enough to know leadership is not an earned right.  Being a leader is not your reward for long hours or for putting in your time.  Leadership comes with responsibility.  Leadership comes with selfless commitment.  Leadership happens because of how much you give.

If this sounds like something you want, and if you are willing to sacrifice yourself to help others grow, then jump in to the future of leadership.  I know if you are willing to give of yourself in this way, then you will be incredible and I hope that you can gain insight into yourself, your style and how you can influence others.

Happy Leader Enterprises would love to be a part of your leadership journey.  Email me at melissa@melissamaloney.ca or visit my website at www.melissamaloney.ca to decide which engagement and culture building program is right for you and your organization.

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