What Perception Are Your Staff Creating?

Posted on May 23, 2018 by Brent Patroch

I am sitting on a train, travelling to Toronto.  I am surrounded by people who are doing the same as myself, heading into the city for meetings, work etc.

Everyone is working.  It is early.  And already, I have heard negativity regarding a position, a company and a leader.  And it makes me ask, what impression are your staff creating about your company culture?

In this short interaction I have formed an image and impression of the company the people sitting near me work for.  I have told myself:

  • The company does not prioritize their employees
  • The company does not recognize their employees
  • The company has a culture of overwork

I don’t know if any of this is true.  However, in the short time I have sat near some of the employees this is the story I have told myself.  Obviously, everyone is not happy at work.  I am not trying to suggest that everyone should have glowing things to say all of the time.  The reality is, based on this impression, would I want to work for this company?  No.

Which causes me to ask the question.  What impression do your employees send about working for you?  And more importantly; how can you impact what your employees say?

I consider every employee a walking job advertisement.  If they say great things about working for me, they will likely entice others to want to have the same experience.

Does your company culture create employees who are walking billboards for what you stand for?

Can your employees passionately explain the why behind what they do?

Do your employees represent your company in a manner that could make people guess what your mission is?

When you focus on company culture and impact the way people feel physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually at work, there will likely be a more positive impression being left on people about your organization.  How can you impact each of these 4 areas?


Understand the need for well-being.  Promote an environment where people can get enough sleep, manage their personal fitness and nutrition needs.  Support an environment where people can take physical breaks and regroup throughout the day.  This does not need to be fancy, this is the simplest of the areas to accomplish.  Help people move more, rest more and reset when needed.


People need to feel trust at work.  Emotionally, if I feel like someone has my back and that I trust the people I work for, I will feel emotionally secure and emotionally stable.  This leads to increased confidence, increased well-being and increased productivity.   When your employees are not spending time operating out of fear, the results will be incredible.


Helping people manage their focus and prioritization allows people to be more engaged in their work.  By doing this you have the ability to limit their feelings of overwhelm.  When the feelings that lead to stress are managed better people feel more in control and are more likely to feel successful.  The feeling of success is a key piece to people being engaged and positive at work and more importantly about work.


When someone is spiritually connected to their workplace they are connected to the why.  The understand the company mission and philosophy and they know their part in executing that why, even if it is a small piece.  They are motivated by the mission and know they are making an impact.  They can describe their role in the why and are excited by how they are contributing.

Happy Leader Enterprises is committed to helping you impact your organizations culture. Email melissa@melissamaloney.ca to find out more about workshops and coaching available.

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