The Power of Curiosity

Posted on January 18, 2018 by mmaloney

Curiosity is one of the greatest characteristics or competencies that you can develop for life, leadership or sales.  It is a skill that opens up the world to you, when it comes to relationship building, conflict management and growing people to be their best.  This week we explore 3 ways that “being curious” can make you not only a better leader, but also a happier and more fulfilled leader.



  1. a strong desire to know or learn something.

When you reflect on the fact that curiosity is simply a strong desire to know or learn something what does that make you think of?  How does that simple definition make you feel?  Does it make you feel like there is limitless potential in a situation?  Does it make you feel more optimistic?  Does it make you feel in control?  It makes me feel like anything is possible.  The feeling of possibility makes me feel hopeful.  The feeling of hope makes me feel joyful.  Joy makes me smile.

Curiosity is one of the 5 key elements of successful people.  This week as we reflect on 3 ways that curiosity can help you be more successful and feel happier, you will get a better understanding as to why that is.

Curiosity in Relationships:

Relationships are the cornerstone of everything we do.  However we are living in a world where relationships are becoming less about the people and more about the technology.  We simply don’t learn about people anymore.  Some think they know people from social media posts.  Others think that a 5 second video is a form of communication.  I am not saying social media doesn’t have a place, however there is a lost world of relationship building in the world.  Curiosity will allow us to start finding that art again.

There is a huge power in taking the time to sit down and really learn and get to know about people.  To understand what makes them happy, what makes them tick and how you can help them be their best.  This takes time, it takes interest, and it takes commitment.  The reward that comes from that time is incredible.  People that are more connected to family and friends are stronger physically, mentally and emotionally.

Our brains are so distracted that we forget to actually take the time to be curious about someone and truly ask questions and listen.  Next time you take the time to go for coffee or dinner with a friend; put the phones away and make a commitment to yourself to ask at least 3 questions about what the person is saying before you answer, respond or supply any form of solution.  See what happens!

Curiosity in Conflict:

When you are in a situation that involves conflict, curiosity is the best tool you have in your tool box for a solution.  Conflict is a disagreement in opinion or solution.  The act of being curious is so simple and can truly turn the tables on conflict and problem solving.  If you are in a situation of disagreement, instead of being adamant about your own side of the debate, be curious about the other side.  Ask yourself, why is _____________ feeling this way?  Ask _____________ why they are.  Be curious about their position.  Try to understand why they are so passionate about what they are standing up for.  Take time to learn their perspective.

In these situations the level of curiosity you have will directly reflect the outcome you get.  Not only will you likely throw the other person off guard with your approach, your willingness to understand their point of view will likely make them curious about yours, or at least why you are trying to understand.

On top of that your curiosity in these situations may also bring about change and completely new ideas and thought processes.  Use lines like; “I wonder if…” vs I think we should, or “I am curious why you think it should be that way…” these openers create safety around a statement and help to maximize the feeling of power.  With curiosity comes collaboration.

Curiosity in Sales

Curiosity in sales is critical.  How many times do you have a sales person trying to sell you something that you are not even interested in or looking for?  You are completely prepared to buy, however they start to focus on something that you either don’t need or didn’t think you needed.  You then spend more time thinking, then actually buying.  They start telling you facts and information about things that were not matters of concern for you, and your frustration levels for not being listened too are climbing by the minute.  Only me?

People in sales:  curiosity saves all of that.  Ask questions.  Try to understand.  Learn WHY the person is there.  Spend so much time trying to understand and learn, with a burning desire for what they need, that your solution is PERFECT!  This allows you to spend less time overcoming objections and more time offering perfect solutions.

Use lines like, “tell me more about that…”  “Can you help me understand why that is important for you…”  “What will you be able to do if that problem is solved for you?”

When you start to take time to understand, at a deeper level, what someone wants and needs you are able to satisfy that desire with more ease and understanding.

Be curious… what have you got to lose?

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  • Faye January 19, 2018 at 12:46 am

    Life makes curious and curiousity fills me with life thank you for such a great article Melissa. For me, curiousity removes fear of the unknown.
    Namaste ?


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