Spring Clean Your Life!

Posted on April 1, 2018 by mmaloney

Spring has sprung and with the season changing it is a great time to evaluate your current state.  I find each year, as spring arrives, it allows a great opportunity to reflect on what is working in my life, what isn’t working and what I want to get done before summer arrives.

Spring brings an energy to most people that allows for positive self-reflection and a renewing energy that makes you want to be productive.  All the added energy tends to make people want to make change and impact life before the summer hits.

As Spring brings about flowers and buds and amazing smells and colour back into the outside world, use it to help you your life shiny and bright as well.  Here are a few ideas to help leverage the opportunity sitting in front of you.  As always, you need to prioritize yourself in order to be your best self.

Start a movement plan… or evaluate the one you have!

Whether you started a New Years Resolution, are a consistent exerciser or you have not prioritized fitness in 2018 yet, this is a great time of year to move.  You don’t need to over complicate this.  You can walk.  You can stretch.  You can dance.  Simply make a commitment to move each day.  When you prioritize daily movement, your energy levels increase.  You will be more productive and you will gain more hours of effectiveness in your week.  If there is anything that will give you a great ROI, it is movement and fitness, by giving up a bit of time you will get more back!

Eat more real food

This is a great time of year to bring in new habits when in comes to nutrition.  Why?  There are no more “family” holidays for the next while.  Long weekends and summer barbeques are not starting for another 2 to 3 months.  Because of this, it is a great time to evaluate how you are doing with eating real and fresh food and get control over it before all the things that can detract form it over the summer start.  Creating habits in the “easier” times will help you maintain those habits in the more challenging times.  Real food increases your energy, fuels your body and helps you eliminate “crashes”.

Assess your time wasters

Everybody has time wasters in their life.  Lately “screen time” gets all the blame.  Whether you binge watch Netflix, are a social media browser or have another habit that sucks up your time, now is a great time to reflect and evaluate.  What do these time-wasters cost you?  Do they cost you things that will help elevate your life and your happiness?  Do they stand in your way of accomplishing things you want to?  Do they impact your sleep and therefore your body’s ability to recover?   There are so many things that we spend time on that don’t help us maximize our time.  Eliminate just one time-waster and see what you can swap it out with, more importantly identify what you will accomplish when you do.


Whether it is your desk, your cupboards, your social media accounts or your email eliminate the clutter in your life.  Spring is a great time to reset what may be holding you back.  With summer coming, you don’t want to be organizing cupboards when it is 25 degrees and sunny outside.  Knowing this, get on top of this now.  Identify what you don’t need and get rid of it.  Clutter creates stress.  Clutter creates a lack of efficiency.  When we head into the months we want to enjoy, you don’t want anything creating inefficiencies if it doesn’t have too!

Prioritize things that energize you

If you think about the things you do in a day, a week and a month, start to identify the things that energize and the things that drain you.  Everyone has different things that bring them energy.  What energizes you, will likely not energize someone else.  The ratio you need of energy building activities vs energy sucking activities, so you feel like you can keep going, will vary as well.  In order to impact your energy levels you need to first be aware of them.  When you start to identify the things that have a positive impact on your energy, your knowledge will help you to ensure you prioritize them.  Awareness is key and your greatest gift to yourself.

When you spring clean your life you will be setting yourself up for an amazing rest of the year!  Good Luck!

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