Posted on April 22, 2018 by mmaloney

In a world where the media wants us to be more aware then ever of tragedy and demise in the world, it seems like it is becoming harder and harder to stay optimistic.  However, optimism is a quality and skill that will allow you to keep moving forward when the world seems to be throwing too much at you.

Being optimistic allows you to increase your confidence in challenging situations.  Optimism helps you manage your mindset in the face of challenges.  Optimism helps you create belief when it seems like there is no answer in sight.  Being optimistic allows you to overcome challenges on your own.

In leadership; optimism is one of the qualities of the greatest leaders.  Optimists see solutions where others see failure.  Optimists don’t get stuck in the moment, especially the bad moments, as they can see a brighter future.  Optimists believe they have the ability to make things better, and because of this, they often do!

This week I share with you 4 strategies to help you increase your optimism!

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