The Best Question You Can Ask to Impact Your Employee Engagement (or your own)

Posted on August 5, 2019

Employee Engagement has been a hot topic for a while now in the business world. However, HOW you increase employee engagement definitely has some differing opinions. Most people agree that if you put your employees first, it is the easiest way to ensure they put your customers first.

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Energizing for Engagement

Posted on September 8, 2018

We live in a world where there are so many things that make up our day.  “I am busy” has become the new standard answer to “How are you?”  Like a badge of honour, as if we don’t answer this way there must be something wrong with us.  We have changed a question about an emotion to an answer about our actions, this really demonstrates the world we live in. 

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Fulfillment vs Balance

Posted on June 2, 2018

Picture someone walking a tight rope.  As they cross the rope, their bodies are strained.  Their focus and intensity at an all time high.  They are fighting every step of the way.  They look scared or nervous.  They definitely don’t look relaxed.  It does not appear they are enjoying themselves.  It looks like if they make the wrong move at any moment… it’s over.

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Why Being Your Best Self Will Allow You More Success!

Posted on April 29, 2018

I often say “You can’t be your best for others if you are not your best for your self first.”  I truly believe this.  It does not mean if you are not your best self, you aren’t giving greatness to others.  What it does mean, is that you could likely be giving a better you to others.

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Posted on April 22, 2018

In a world where the media wants us to be more aware then ever of tragedy and demise in the world, it seems like it is becoming harder and harder to stay optimistic.  However, optimism is a quality and skill that will allow you to keep moving forward when the world seems to be throwing too much at you.

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Are You Really Listening?

Posted on April 15, 2018

Listening seems to be a lost art in 2018.  We are all so “busy”, it is like we don’t have time to actually listen.  However listening is the key to so many things.  We need to remember listening is how we build relationships.  Listening is how we learn about people and things.  Listening is how we connect with people.  Are you a great listener?  Or are you deafened by the noise of your life?  Ask yourself these questions to complete a mini self check.

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Stressed Out… Overwhelmed… Underproductive… Uninspired

Posted on March 25, 2018

The title speaks to how too many people are feeling.  Whether you connect with each of these words or even just one or two, there must be a better way.  Right?  We are living in a world where convenience and ease is at our finger tips, however for some reason we are less able to accomplish everything we want to, need to and should.  Why is that?  A big reason is because with the information age has come an increased expectation that we should be reachable at any time.  An expectation that we reply instantly.  An unrealistic world where we seem to think that since we have access to more, it means we should have more and do more. However, most people have not adapted to this new world in productive way. 

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Helping People (or You) Through Adversity!

Posted on March 12, 2018

Adversity is something that every single one of us will inevitably face in our lives. If you are in business, and sales (let’s be honest we are all in sales in some way!) you will likely face it regularly. How people respond to adversity can be the make or break it for some. Athletes who respond better to adversity are more likely to win the championship. Sales professionals who respond with a more positive strategy, are more likely to be in the top 10% of achievers. People who respond to adversity as a temporary set back and not a failure are more likely to be leading the team, department or company.

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10 Responsibilities of Being a Leader

Posted on January 26, 2018

“You are not in charge, you are responsible for those in your charge” Simon Sinek

I was inspired by this quote, along with some other reflection I have been doing this week.  Too often people take on the role of leader for the title or for the financial rewards.  They do this without truly understanding what being a leader means.  At the same time there are many out there, without the title, who take on the leader role through their actions and behaviours and leave large imprints on people’s lives. 

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