Are You Really Listening?

Posted on April 15, 2018 by mmaloney

Listening seems to be a lost art in 2018.  We are all so “busy”, it is like we don’t have time to actually listen.  However listening is the key to so many things.  We need to remember listening is how we build relationships.  Listening is how we learn about people and things.  Listening is how we connect with people.  Are you a great listener?  Or are you deafened by the noise of your life?  Ask yourself these questions to complete a mini self check.

1- Do you find yourself distracted by your own “noise” when someone is speaking?

2- Do you often finish a conversation and not really remember what was said?

3- Have you ever answered a question that wasn’t the one actually asked?

4- When you meet someone new, do you forget their name as you walk away?

5- Have you ever found yourself in an unplanned confrontation as you misunderstood something someone was saying?

Don’t worry if you identified some challenges.  This is not about judgement, it is about awareness.  You can’t impact what you aren’t aware of or measuring.  So instead of feeling bad, decide to make a change today.  I have included some ideas below.  Let me know what you think of the new format!

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