3 Tips to Prioritize You!

Posted on June 24, 2018 by mmaloney

I created a video last week for a newsletter I am a part of, and I offered 3 strategies for how you can live and lead happier. I know that in order to live happier you need to take time for yourself. You need to prioritize your wellness, and you need to be your best self. This is the foundation of a happier life. The three simple strategies I challenged people to take on:

1- Stop making decisions linearly We have so many things that come at us all the time. Emails, texts, messenger etc and they all ask for a part of the very limited time we have. Instead of responding as they come in, take time at the end of the day and DECIDE on which ones are a priority and which ones you need to delay.

2- Spend more time on your strengths. Do the things that energize you more than you do the things that drain you. Strengths recharge your battery and weaknesses drain it.

3- Reflect at least weekly. Spend some time turning off auto-pilot and instead reflecting on whether the things you spend time on are the right things, or at the right time, bringing you any purpose and joy. Reflect. Creating a more conscious life will help you be more fulfilled.

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